Typical M’s Week

As we have entered into less than one month before Spring training, I have noticed that there are still a couple of areas that need to be addressed that we can all agree will not be touched. 

First and foremost is the power drain in the line up both before and after Beltre.  Let’s say that Brian LaHair gets some time in at first, I think this would be a good thing assuming he can keep his bat under control and not strik out too muc.  Russel Branyan would be a good mentor for himn, even if most of his carrer was spent at 3rd base his time and exposure to the league could be a great asset.  Just something to bring him along, and a way to hopefully get him to a 30HR level and improve his defense a little.  While we’re at it, teach the kid to play right field, after all, isn’t everyone else and their cousin on the roster an outfielder?

Second, our rotation.  We have to many starters and a severely sub-par bullpen.  I’m sure part of this has to due with the big fan in me, but why did we trade Aurther Rhodes away again for nothing?  Where do we expect to get good left handed specialist work done?  Ryan Rowland-Smith?  I think not.  Put that young arm in the rotation please.  I think our rotation should be Felix, Beddard (until traded to Toronto), Washburn (yeah, I said it), Morrow, Roland-Smith.  Please, PLEASE dump Silva and his contract if you can.  The man in clubhouse poison.  He’s underperforming too and there isn’t the view of an upside anywhere in the near future.

Wash on the other hand, lost more one run games than god in the last two seasons, and we all decided to blame his poor record on him?  I think not.  It’s hard to have a record above .500 when the team only gives you zero runs of support, or you come out in the 7th with a 1 run lead and the pen can’t handle it.  Not his fault people, get over it.

So there’s my rant for the week.  Let’s see a trade made for a bat.  We have the pitching to make that deal…  Just who with?  Well, that’s for the next article.


Hello! What Did I Miss?

Greetings fellow baseball lovers.  I’d say fellow M’s fans, but it can be hard to watch a team self-destruct and stay a fan.Although, truth be told, I still consider myself a fan and it would take nothing short of another strike to change that.  There are a few things that as a new blogger here and when dealing with the M’s I’ll need to get out of the way.

  1. I will never advocate the trading of Ichiro, Beltre, or even Washburn (yes, I have my reasons.)
  2. I am willing to give the GM a chance to not completely suck before I mock him…too much.
  3. I do not think that I smarter than said GM as I have not been doing this for years.  Nor do I get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege.

I think knowing these simple things will make the experience a little better for us all.  That being said…

Endy Chavez?  Aaron Heilman?  What, sis the Mets have a fire sale on used up players?  Special offer a bunch of crap from them and a good center fielder from the Indians in exchange for an honest closer who had a bad year?  Sure, sounds good to me.  Wait, no, it doesn’t.  Well, only time will tell on that one.  Chavez used to be able to run, but he’s been slowing down recently.  I know he can track down a ball in left field, but I’d really like to see someoone on the field everyday that can makes pitchers nervous.  Someone other than Ichiro, pitchers already hate that guy (right Silva?).  Put someone on the field that will blast the ball into next week at least 25 times.  Because Beltre can’t do it alone. 

Speaking of Beltre.  All of you that are so dead set on trading him, have you forgotten that he’s a brick wall at third?  Have you forgotten that even though he was playing with a broken thum that required surgery to fix because he wouldn’t stop playing, he still hit .266 with 25HR’s.  That’s only 5 points below his career mark of .271, and that was just fine for everyone before he got here.  It’s a contract year, so expect big numbers and don’t give that up at the middle of the season.

Well, that’s a good start.  I will always welcome comments or emails, I’ll do everything I can to respond.   Until next time!